A few words about us

We are a small dedicated team of highly respected commercial real estate professionals, committed to providing our clients with comprehensive commercial real estate advisory services. We also specialize in the acquisition, re-positioning, development and asset management of retail, commercial, industrial and multi-family investment properties.


The elements we focus on



Coal Harbour Realty Advisors Inc. focuses primarily on the acquisition of income producing properties, to achieve long term cash flow and capital appreciation by targeting assets where value can be added through a re-positioning or re-development strategy. Our primary focus has been retail properties with an emphasis on strip retail centres with service commercial tenants. We have also invested in multi-family residential and a retail development site.

Acquisitions are owned by way of Limited Partnerships formed by Coal Harbour Realty Advisors Inc., of which the principal, Marty Dohm, controls the General Partner and through a holding company, invests as a limited partner.

Asset Management

Coal Harbour Realty Advisors Inc. takes a proactive approach in the asset management of our portfolio of investment properties to draw and retain the best tenants available and grow the rental income. With a long term investment horizon, it is critical that as asset managers, we work closely with our tenants and continuously try to improve the tenant mix and re-position the properties as the market dictates. Ongoing investment in the properties is important in order to continue to create an enjoyable shopping experience for our tenants’ customers. As long-term investors of real estate, we have a vested interest in our properties and in developing good sustainable relationships with our tenants.


Property Management

Coal Harbour Realty Advisors Inc. provides property management services, for all of our investment properties. Giovanna Brownlee, Vice President Property Management, heads up the property management division and has been with the company since 2005.


Coal Harbour Realty Advisors Inc. take a hands-on approach in the development of our retail sites and is involved in each step of the development process, from acquisition, site rezoning if required and city process, design, construction and lease up. The same attention to detail is paid when a property is re-positioned or redeveloped.


To maintain a strong relationship with our tenants, we manage the leasing of the retail and commercial properties within our portfolio. We work closely with the brokerage community and provide agents and prospects with clear communication and quick response times.


The practice of commercial real estate advisory at Coal Harbour Realty Advisors Inc. is provided on a limited basis, only taking assignments where we can add real value, applying our experience, skill and understanding in our clients’ best interests. We are not all things to all people. We turn down assignments where our clients are better served elsewhere. It is our philosophy to accept fewer assignments in order to provide a much higher level of service.